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Musicians on

"Back In The Day" Project:

Michael O'Neill - Guitars (She's Playful,

My Sweet Butterfly & Bella's Pier)

Freddie Fox - Guitars (Oooh Baby)

Gerald Albright - Bass/Lead (Tee It Up & Bella's Pier)

Yvonne Brown - Vox (Back In The Day,

Count It All Joy & My Sweet Butterfly)

Darren Rahn - Sax (End Of Summer)

Dr. Isidro Aybar Jr. - Guitar (End Of Summer)

Brandy Wells-Spurlock - Vox (Oooh Baby)

Bob Rebholz - Flutes (My Sweet Butterfly)

Bobby Wells - (All other sounds, synths/keys/drums

Programming and vocals)

Who' s on this CD?

I’m accompanied by some of the most amazing National/International Grammy nominated artist and musicians. Feel free to visit their Homepage’s for a lot more information. The “Back In The Day” recording project is smooth, yet exhilarating, foot tapping, neck will remain in a groove-lockdown-motion whether your coming or going.

The beautiful thing about being a songwriter is that the canvas is ready for whatever sounds, instruments or melodies that pop in my head. For instance, the melody for “My Sweet Butterfly” came while I was painting a wall in our home. I don’t know why I thought that was important to say, but...there you have it. I would surely love to go into detail about how I came up with each of these songs but I’d have to make the font type smaller. Most song melodies just come. So, with that said, all songs on this CD were written and produced by

Bobby Wells. 

I’m a “giggler” so allow me to define in my own way: Whenever someone plays an instrument and kills it...I giggle. And I can assure you that there was a lot of giggling going on while producing this project.

My man guitarist/composer Michael O’Neill, most of you have heard him with George Benson, the (late) Natalie Cole, Barbara Streisand and countless others. Michael is an amazing artist/writer and producer himself, do check out his music. He always knows just what a song needs. He played on my “Bayside” CD and I couldn't imagine doing another project without him. Incomparable in his guitar stylings and imagination, he drops a pocket of bass & solo guitar as he turns up the heat on “She’s Playful " He’s also playing guitar  Bella's Pier.Thanks Mike

Gerald Albright (I call him G.)...doesn’t just play sax, he knows his way around a bass. He’s playing lead bass on “Bella’s Pier” and bottom on “Tee It Up” G. is Internationally renowned, he has numerous #1 Hits, TV appearances and is a Grammy Nominated Artist many times for his great music and sax playing. His credits go way beyond what I could list here. Thanks G. for kickin the bass man... awesome!

My good friend and gifted guitarist Dr. Isidro Aybar Jr., played on my first CD on a song titled “Sailing.” After cutting a beautiful and amazing solo on “End Of Summer” Isidro began playing a light rendition of the song, I loved it, so it became the reprise.

Also featured on "End Of Summer" playing sax is Producer/Songwriter Darren Rahn whom I have known for many years and have had the pleasure of working on my “Pastel Horizon and Bayside” CD projects. He has numerous #1 Radio Hits to his credit. Darren’s ear is impeccable and I appreciated the fine job he did in mastering this project. Thanks Bro.

Flautist/Saxophonist Bob Rebholz is one of America’s gems. I love working with Bob, he and I worked together on my very first album titled “Wait A Minute.” I’m glad to have him Yvonne Brown and Michael O'Neill on  “My Sweet Butterfly.” Bob is playing flute. This is a funny guy!

Freddie Fox joinied me on “Oooh Baby.” Its a great pleasure working with this guitar-smith. You’ll hear Freddie on a lot of Grammy awarded songs by other artist and I’m also glad to be contributing a few tunes to his up and coming new CD Project.

Brandy (contributes background vocals on “Oooh Baby”) She  is my little sweetheart (daughter). Her voice is like a Meadow Lark singing in the sunshine. She loves singing background the most. I remember many days, driving in the van, I’d have the kids do vocal runs, hit high notes and go “down in the basement.” that’s the low notes ya’ll, and Brandy would hang on. What a joy to have here as part of my music.

My sista Yvonne Brown, we’ve worked together many, many years and it’s always my pleasure working with her...ask her to sing Amazing Grace and you’ll see what I mean. She’s singing on “Count It All Joy, My Sweet Butterfly and Back In The Day.”

To my listeners, I hope this record brings you lots of joy, happiness, reflection, relaxation and highway cruising time when and wherever you play it. Thanks so much for your support!!!

And to all the Radio Stations and Internet radio stations...Thank you and thank you again for playing my record. I really appreciate it.

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